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Cortesía de Sammlung Verbund Collection
sep 2020
ene 2021


Publicada el 30 may de 2019      Vista 136 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

FECHAS DE LA EXPOSICIÓN SIN CONCRETAR. As this significant artistic movement has been neglected in art histories to date, the collection director, Gabriele Schor, coined the term „Feminist Avant-Garde” and introduced it into art-historical discourse—with the aim of highlighting these artists’ pioneering work. This thematic exhibition at CCCB and a comprehensive scholarly catalogue both contribute to expanding the male dominated Avant-garde canon. The exhibition is presented in five sections Mother, Housewife and Wife, Locked-up – Breaking out, Female Sexuality, Dictates of Beauty, Roleplays. In their art, as a contrast to the male-dominated genre of painting, they made strategic use of historically untainted media such as photography, video, and film, and performances and actions.


el 30 may de 2019

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