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Ismael Iglesias. Streetfighter — Cortesía de SC Gallery
Evento finalizado
oct 2018
oct 2018

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Cuándo: 11 oct de 2018 - 19 oct de 2018
Inauguración: 11 oct de 2018 / 19:30
Horario: De lunes a viernes de 17:00 a 20:30 h. Sábados y mañanas de 11 a 14 h. (con cita)
Precio: Entrada gratuita
Dónde: SC Gallery / Cortes, 4 - Lonja 1ª Izq. / Bilbao, Vizcaya, España
Organizada por: SC Gallery
Artistas participantes: Ismael Iglesias Serrano
Publicada el 10 oct de 2018      Vista 21 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

SC GALLERY presents the official catalogue of “STREETFIGHTER”, a project by Ismael Iglesias. This catalogue compiles the pieces of graffiti that the artist has made on abandoned mattresses in Bilbao during the past five years. Visitors can also find a limited 5-photograph edition produced in chromaluxe (sublimation on aluminium), a new photographic reproduction technique guaranteed by Estudios Durero. In May 2018, Ismael Iglesias’ “Streetfighter” won the first Idealista Award, a prize created by real estate services company Idealista to recognize the talent and vision of young creators and to foster artistic creation. In this series of works, Iglesias shows images of used and abandoned mattresses with messages written on them. For Ismael Iglesias, the mattress is not simply an object to sleep on: it metaphorically represents a place where the system tries to lull society to sleep. The artist gets inspiration from songs, films or books to expose several situations in his statements, such as: “Empezarás fumando porros y terminarás firmando hipotecas” (You’ll start smoking joints and end up signing mortgages) “Duermes poco y lo sabes” (You sleep very little and you know it). Iglesias writes on the mattress right where he finds it and let passersby see it. Thus, he helps the observers to reflect on several societal concerns, he makes them wake up and dream at the same time. This way, mattresses become a diary, a notice board. By this process, the mattress stops being an everyday private object and starts belonging in the public space; its function is not helping us sleep anymore, but awakening us.


el 10 oct de 2018


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