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To Some Extent — Cortesía de Casa Triângulo
ene 2020
feb 2020


Cuándo: 17 ene de 2020 - 29 feb de 2020
Inauguración: 17 ene de 2020
Dónde: Georg Kargl / Schleifmühlgasse, 5 / Vienna, Wien, Austria
Organizada por: Georg Kargl
Artistas participantes: Albano Afonso, Ding Musa, Sandra Cinto
Publicada el 13 ene de 2020      Vista 10 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

ALBANO AFONSO, born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1964, lives and works in São Paulo. He creates installations and photographs, in which mixes photographic prints, sculptures with images projected in space. Through light and movement, a game of perceptions unveils images that explore the constructed space as an illusory part of reality. Understanding light as a pictorial element, it configures different plastic profiles revisiting the classic references from other points of view, proposing renewed architectures for the same landscape of light and shadow. For the exhibition To Some Extent, Albano presents a set of photographs from the Constellations and Paradise series and two sculptures from the Still Life series. In these works, the artist proposes a vision about our relationship with nature and the environment around us. DING MUSA, born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1979, lives and works in São Paulo. Ding’s work consists in photography, videos, objects and installations, often related to our photographic way to represent and understand the world. Musa explores concepts as “point of view” and “unit of construction” as metaphors for our necessity to create a system for representation using civil construction material and measuring tools in a way to stress the process of understanding the world and how we relate to it as individuals and as society. Stressing gaps, difficulties and intrinsic contradictions of simple ordinary objects and tools such as a ruler or a brick, Musa brings us unexpected view on our ordinary tools of construction, their history and how we build our reality. For the exhibition To Some Extent, Ding presents Picture of a quarry placed in Carrara and a set of different objects made by unit of constructions and measuring tools made of steel, clay and a clock. SANDRA CINTO, born in Santo André, Brazil, 1968, lives and works in São Paulo. Throughout her career, Sandra Cinto has developed a vocabulary to create fantastic narratives and landscapes in which bridges, mountains, chasms, stairs, swings, chandeliers, night skies, turbulent seas, waterfalls and storms - traced directly to walls, canvas and three-dimensional objects evoke a metaphor of human odyssey and push the boundaries of drawing language. For this show, Sandra Cinto creates two canvases from the serie: Requiem for a Mountain. In music (recurrent language used by Sandra Cinto in order to establish relationships with drawing) the term Requiem, is a piece of music honoring those who have died, in this case, the artist revisits some elements and incorporates them in a very introspective character. "I think we are going through a moment where we need to look at everything we did, to reflect how we want to build our future, thinking my condition as an artist, my drawing is my voice, it is how I recognize myself and dialogue with the world." Sandra Cinto


el 07 feb de 2020
29 abr - 30 abr
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