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Valeska Soares, Walk on By (detail), 2006. Video Installation. Courtesy Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel
Evento finalizado
mar 2018
jul 2018


Cuándo: 24 mar de 2018 - 15 jul de 2018
Inauguración: 24 mar de 2018
Dónde: Phoenix Art Museum / 1625 N. Central Avenue / Phoenix, Arizona, Estados Unidos
Organizada por: Phoenix Art Museum
Artistas participantes: Valeska Soares
Publicada el 19 jun de 2017      Vista 156 veces

Descripción de la Exposición

‘Valeska Soares: Any Moment Now’ is a mid-career survey exhibition of Soares' (b.1957) work, the first at a U.S. museum since 2003. The exhibition features approximately 45 multi-media works, sculptures, videos, and installations created by the Brazilian artist during the past two decades. This project represents a landmark partnership with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art as part of the Getty Foundation’s 2017 Pacific Standard Time: Los Angeles/Latin America initiative. Valeska Soares creates polished, minimalistic artworks that encourage visitor participation. Through installation and assemblage, she engages with international art traditions and world literature. In her multifaceted art, she demonstrates a fascination with space and time, as well as what occurs beyond their perceived limits. Her works directly engage visitors’ subjectivities, cultivating both personal experience and universal knowledge and how each of these affects the other. Soares’s environmental installations incorporate the effects of reflection, light, entropy, and even scent. Such experiential qualities are rendered through the incorporation of suspended mirrors, light fixtures, perishing flowers, and vessels of perfume and liquor that slowly evaporate over the course of the exhibition. She also often creates installations of book pages, covers, and bindings to weave meanings between disparate texts that viewers connect conceptually by association. Past and future simultaneously permeate her installations and objects, suggesting an underlying narrative that is often cyclical. Weaving together the themes of memory, time, and the sensorial, Soares creates poetic works that fuse and expand upon the languages of post-minimalism and conceptual art. As fellow Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has stated: “Through a seemingly inexhaustible range of techniques, themes and strategies, Soares’ work oscillates between materiality and memory, desire and decay, sensation and intoxication.”


el 19 jun de 2017

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