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Edin Mustafic

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Nacimiento: Salzburg, Austria
Residencia: Reside en Austria
Galerías y otras organizaciones que le representan: offspace | galerie panoptikum
Organizaciones con obra: offspace | galerie panoptikum
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Publicada el 15 feb de 2019      Vista 48 veces

Descripción del Artista

Art Photography, Mixed-Media & Installation My works are in general (auto) reflexive. I‘m interested in the common ground of our world. Opinions, situations, ideas and things, which we are all connected and familiar to. I‘m trying to catch not the loud and screaming situations in our world - rather I try to find the silent and calm moments, which seem to exist detached from space and time - or not? I‘m especially focussing on my own (personal) aesthetic style. I‘m preferably working in my photography studio where I have got the possibility to extract my motifs from their social and cultural context. This allows me a more detailed view without any social (cultural) context. Another great chapter of my works concentrates on the term ‚beauty‘ in all its forms and contrasts. In all of my artworks this beauty and aesthetic style plays an important role. The field of aesthetics gives this mystic term prior attention. What is beautiful? And why? What role play cultural difference for evaluation of beauty? Is it neccessary to understand the concept of beauty as we all actually deal with it in our everydays lives - not having a clear undestanding about it. At this point and after years of studying this term, trying to visualize or to understand that concept I can just give one objective answer: ‚I have no clear idea about it!‘ I‘m keen on various techniques and image effects. How do people react on different stylistic mediums? What makes a photography interesting for the observer and why? Is it, like Sonntag says, the specific distance the observer faces as a recipient, which could explain this voyerism to photography? How do stylistic devices like blur and abstraction contribute to the general seeing of photographies? How do symbols communicate? Art language? Art and communication?


el 21 mar de 2019


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