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Nacimiento: Cordoba, Argentina
Residencia: Reside en Salamanca, España
Ferias en las que participa con OBRA : Ch.ACO 2018
Galerías y otras organizaciones que le representan: Adora Calvo
Organizaciones con obra: Fundación Coca-Cola
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Publicada el 03 jun de 2014      Vista 547 veces

Descripción del Artista

Sol Martínez works in white ceramic pieces, these are sculptures in high and bas reliefs, made in fired white clay without glaze, characterized by simplicity of their shapes and because they conserve the real size of the objects which represent. These pieces are shaped one to one of a block of clay, without the use of molds. Each piece is unique and imprinted with a unique and special seal. It is a work that speaks softly and intended to invite the viewer to take a quite reading on reality itself. This work tells us about the image of us , with metaphors and traces of body and life in clay. Proposes us to stop and have a quiet everyday look around, a silent but steady revolution that encourages us to open our eyes and take extra care to every minute to realize the transience of every moment. This piece subtly invite us to enter into an intimate and essential space where everyday objects around us become small worlds, microcosm, where realize that in small objects there is a universe to discover. The most direct influences on this work come from everyday life and art of the past that manifests continuity in the world we live in, the ritual world is one of the great inspirers and also the cultures that remain connected to a life cycle that connects us to the center and origin.

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