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A Window in Berlín - AWIB

A Window in Berlín - AWIB
Bernauer Strasse 49, Berlin, Alemania
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A Window in Berlín - AWIB
Bernauer Strasse 49 Berlin, Alemania
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Descripción de la Organización
A WINDOW IN BERLIN is a not-profit project conceived to open up a space, a window, for contemporary art in Berlin. It proposes to familiarize oneself with Iberian-American views through one of the most dynamic and current forms of expression in contemporary art: video art. An old container, set up in the street, will be the screen on which the work of Iberian-American video artists will be presented to the general public. The itinerant nature of the project as the container could travel around the city, without its structure or content being affected by the changes in location, reinforces the idea of art as a universal expression that can be understood in a global context. Our container s first stop will be BernauerStrasse, 49. In addition to displaying works of art, the project proposes an exchange and rapprochement of cultures in response not to a specific physical or political space, but ... to a cultural fact and a certain way of feeling, thinking and approaching life. A A Window in Berlín thus becomes a suitcase, a museum inside a suitcase, in the Duchamp spirit. Exhibitions will be curated by a group of international researchers, critics and curators who will choose contemporary pieces by artists of Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American origin or who have close links with these cultures. Each Curator will design a different program for A Window in Berlin every 3 months. Each week of this period will be devoted to a different artist. That will make a total of 12 artists exhibiting their works sequentially, instead of simultaneously as is usually the case in group shows, the project will develop its meaning as it progresses. Weekly exhibitions will feature one or several videos by the chosen artist daily from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, from Sunday to Saturday. The container used as a screen will be set up in an area clearly visible from the street to ensure unrestricted free access to all.


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