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Cuban slugger
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jul 2017
ago 2017

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Tamayo is a Cuban born artist who studied at the National visual arts school and the higher Institute of Art in Havana Cuba and is considered one of the most important Cuban artists of his time. Identified four his love of infusing the socio-economic phenomenon that is baseball with portraits of popular cultural icons. Reynerio Tamayo is a great painter, but, besides that he is a horny painter. We never know what goes rst, whether the joke or his art, because it’s a homogeneous and intelligent mix of both. Whoever knows him personally will know that he will make you laugh with so much enthusiasm that it will cause you a sort of temporomandibular disorder. “Tamayo Slugger” has undoubtedly undressed us publicly, but in the manner of a Superman from the pitchers mound: because faster than light and with a force that almost destroys the planet, when stripped of his painter’s robe he emerges clothed in a very tight red player uniform, the very suit of the Cuban team. José Ramón Alonso Lorea

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Baseball Classic Club

Reynerio Tamayo

Pintura, Artes gráficas


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