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A Kingdom of Hours. Installation View. Photo: Andy Keate
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jun 2016
sep 2016

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Descripción de la Exposición

Artists: Peggy Ahwesh (USA), Teresa Burga (Peru), Wilson Díaz (Colombia), Nilbar Güres (Turkey),William E Jones (USA), Candice Lin and Patrick Staff (USA/UK), Priscilla Monge (Costa Rica), Solange Pessoa (Brazil), Emilia Prieto (Costa Rica), Cecilia Vicuña (Chile) and Osías Yanov(Argentina). A Kingdom of Hours explores how artists disrupt sequential time - from biological rhythms to historical chronologies - to undermine rigid structures of belonging. Videos, woodcuts and sculptures by William E Jones, Emilia Prieto and Osías Yanov disentangle queer or feminist affects from their present tense through strategies of repetition, fragmentation and anachronism, while videos and works on paper by Peggy Ahwesh, Teresa Burga and Wilson Díaz reflect on how human life cycles are socially conditioned. Presented alongside sculptures, paintings and textile pieces by Nilbar Güres, Priscilla Monge, Cecilia Vicuña and Candice Lin and Patrick Staff explore gendered forms of cultural assimilation and societal expectation, these works emphasize material and symbolic experiences of plasticity, fluidity and mutability. Together they compose rhythms of empathy and desire that question how subjectivities are constrained by periodisation, patriarchy and capitalism. A Kingdom of Hours is indebted to queer theorist Elizabeth Freeman’s writings on ‘chrononormativity’ - a process of standardisation through which societies’ rhythms are internalised by their constituents like city smog - and ‘erotohistoriography’, or a deeply affective approach to history rooted in desire. The exhibition brings together artists from different generations and cultural backgrounds to consider the biopolitical implications of these terms and ‘chronodissident’ strategies and forms. -------------------- Curated by Robert Leckie (Curator, Gasworks) and Miguel A. López (Chief Curator, TEOR/éTica), this exhibition is part of an institutional collaboration between Gasworks and TEOR/éTica, where a revised version of the exhibition will open on 19 October 2016.


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