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David Quiroga & Lina Mazenett

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Publicada el 15 mar de 2016      Vista 479 veces

Descripción del Artista

Lina Mazenett and David Quiroga have been working in Bogotá as a collective for the past years. In their projects they are are interested in exploring the interrelationship between organisms and the misnamed “resources” of our environment. Their distribution and resignification through culture. They strive to blur the distinction between the concepts of nature and culture. They are interested in presenting and working with different forces: social, natural, ecological and geological. ´´We conceive art as ecology, that is, as artists we foster relationships between subjects, not humans, humans, objects, quasi-objects and phenomena´´. We usually work with materials of fossil origin and hydrocarbons such as tar, pitch, coal and a diversity of extracted minerals such as gold, mercury, copper, as well as with others of industrial origin from our time such as plastic. We have been exploring the temporality, origin, symbolism and the immensity of geological time of some fundamental elements to the World-Economy. These materials not only have a particular symbology, but also an enormous condensed energy accumulated over time. Very present in our daily lives, they connect humans with remote geological times. Our practice oscillates between past and present, science and mythology, Amerindian cultures and western influence, finding interstices between these apparent polarities. Our work includes installations, photography, sculpture, interventions.


el 29 oct de 2019


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Exposiciones en las que ha participado como artista

Museum of Modern Art and Western Antiquities, Section II Department of Carving and Modeling: Form and Volume
07 nov de 2019 - 11 ene de 2020

Museum of Modern Art and Western Antiquities, Section II Department of Carving and Modeling: Form and Volume

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art / Lisboa, Portugal

Violeta Orcasitas. Otra visita a la escultura
28 jun de 2018 - 02 sep de 2018

Violeta Orcasitas. Otra visita a la escultura

Laboratorio Arte Alameda / Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

Desde 10 feb de 2018

Desaparece una Cultura

Instituto de Visión / Bogotá, Distrito Especial de Bogotá, Colombia

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