Dallas Art Fair 2020 ***SUSPENDIDA***
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oct 2020
oct 2020


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Originally scheduled for April 16–19, the fair had been moved to October 1–4, due to COVID-19. Finally, at the beginning of August was announced there wouldn't be the 2020 art fair edition. ------------------ The fair will feature presentations from 94 local and global exhibitors, with the vast majority of galleries returning, including Karma (New York), Marlborough (New York and London), Perrotin (Paris, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai), and Simon Lee Gallery (London, Hong Kong and New York). The fair will additionally expand its reach, drawing 22 new exhibitors from around the globe, including Carlos/Ishikawa (London), Kamel Mennour (Paris and London), Massimo De Carlo (Milan, London and Hong Kong), Rodolphe Janssen (Brussels), and Salon 94 (New York). For the 2020 edition, the fair will spotlight Lone Star State talent with a special exhibition of North Texan art co-curated by Justine Ludwig (Creative Time Executive Director) and Brandon Kennedy (Dallas Art Fair Director of Exhibitor Relations). Ludwig and Kennedy will explore the current practice of over two dozen artists in HERE NOW: North Texas Artists in 2020. This exploration will culminate in a presentation of an ever-expanding survey of the local scene, as well as a book of collected North Texan artist studio visit columns from Patron, the Dallas culture magazine and co-presenter of HERE NOW. This year will mark the fifth annual Dallas Art Fair Foundation Acquisition Program, a six-figure grant that gifts multiple artworks from the fair to the Dallas Museum of Art. To date, and including 2020, the program has raised 600,000 USD. Over 30 artworks have been acquired for the museum’s permanent collection, including pieces by Sheila Hicks, Don Dudley, Sanford Biggers, and Katherine Bradford. “We are delighted to see so many loyal galleries returning for 2020 and especially pleased to see a great number with experimental, curated, or solo presentations. These are good examples of how seriously galleries take our collectors. I look forward to opening our doors in April for another successful year of sales for artists and their dealers, and contributing to the Dallas Museum of Art’s rich permanent collection,” says Dallas Art Fair Director Kelly Cornell. The 2020 Preview Benefit will be held on Thursday, April 16, with ticket sale proceeds benefiting the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, and Dallas Contemporary. Ticket holders will have the opportunity to preview and purchase exhibited works prior to the public opening of the fair. April, the official Dallas Arts Month, will once again see some of the city’s finest exhibitions organized by its institutions and galleries coinciding with the fair including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas Contemporary, and 214 Projects. This year, the Eye Ball will take place on Saturday, April 18, with a new surprise theme. Organized in collaboration with The Joule in celebration of the fair, the event is held annually in front of Tony Tasset’s landmark 30-foot-tall eyeball sculpture opposite The Joule.


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